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Our Suppliers

At Scott Laboratories we are deeply focused on our goal of providing first class customer experiences. We know that no amount of customer service--no matter how great-- can fully overcome a negative product experience. That's why we work hard to partner with world-class suppliers who represent the best of what their respective industries have to offer the market. Some of our key parnters in the brewing range include:

Lallemand Brewing

Lallemand Brewing is a division of Lallemand Inc., a global leader in the development, production, and marketing of yeast, bacteria and specialty ingredients.

Lallemand has been involved in the brewing industry since the early 1970s, when the company started producing dried pure-culture brewing yeasts for beer kit manufacturers in Canada. Over time, Lallemand’s extensive and unique knowledge in the propagation of different yeast strains led a number of international breweries to engage them to consult on yeast nutrition. As a result of this expertise, they developed—and continue to perfect—a specialized range of yeast and yeast nutrients that target brewing industry’s specific challenges.

Today, Lallemand produces specific ale and lager beer strains for wide range of clients in the United States, Europe and Australia and Asia. Additionally, Lallemand’s investment in the brewing industry continues to grow, expanding beyond thier traditionalyeast-related production for brewer's of all sizes. Their acquisitions of both the Siebel Institute of Technology and AB Vickers Ltd. allowed for the creation of a broader portfolio ofproducts and services aimed at supporting the industry’s needs.

Lallemand Brewing is a global business serving all segments of the brewing industry with products, services and education. Lallemand Brewing: We Brew With You


Microbreweries trust Pall

Pall Corporation is a global leader in high-tech filtration, separation and purification; providing solutions to meet critical fluid management needs of a broad spectrum of life sciences and industrial customers.

Streamlining craft brewing and improving microbrewery production.
The craft brewing process must meet high standards for preserving the unmistakable taste, flavor, purity and freshness of a particular brew. Creating that unique taste and maintaining uniformity of flavor - from bottle to bottle, brewery to brewery, and brand to brand - requires delicate precision. Pall offers a full range of microbrewing filters and craft beer filter systems. These are value-added products that are the number one choice for microbreweries worldwide.


INOXPA specialises in manufacturing and marketing stainless steel components and fluid handling equipment, process management, and services for the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Originally founded in an old water pump factory in Banyoles, Spain, today INOXPA has branches in 15 countries and a network of more than one hundred distribution points around the world. The backbone of INOXPA´s philosophy is our constant commitment to meeting our customers’ needs. To that end, they have invested in an international trading network in an effort to maintain constant contact with their customer base and be able to adapt to local customer requirements, given that each region has its own specific conditions.